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Crime 'N' Dine - Murder calling

We promise you a gruelingly exciting dinner

The spectacle starts as a seemingly idyllic dinner until the mood of the evening changes and certain events lead to a gruesome murder. Be part of the story and immerse yourself into the crime case, while you enjoy a delicious meal with your colleagues, friends or family. The murder mystery is not only a thrilling tale of lies and intrigues but is also served with a generous dose of wit.

Be part of the Play with your Team

MURDER CALLING is a thrilling murder mystery with plenty of unexpected twists, starring two actors. 

A husband on the brink of divorce is looking for a new love interest. What seems to be a flirt between two strangers in a restaurant, turns out to be a living nightmare. Hidden motives and unforeseen events lead to a murder. MURDER CALLING is a tale about scheming, romance and marital strives.

Your crime 'n' dine adventure

Our murder mystery stars only trained actors. We adapt ourselves to your needs and wishes. The murder mystery is perfectly played during a delicious 3 to 4 course menu. We will be integrating internal business facts or small guest roles for participants into the storyline if desired.

Details to crime

Up to 99 Persons: Flat rate 3'120.-
Further information on number of participants and pricing upon request.

Group size
From 20 up to 300 Persons
3 to 4 hours.

Services included
•    Trained actors
•    Basic sound system
•    Travelling costs for the cast

Not included
•    Location Scouting
•    Food and Beverages (3-/4-course menu)
•    Rental fee for the location
•    Dinner for the actors
•    Prices for the best investigators

All year

Throughout Switzerland
The event takes place in a restaurant of your choice.
We will be happy to advise you in all aspects

The murder mystery will be played in English

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    Teamevent with a bit of tension!

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    Dine with your team and enjoy the crime!

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